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Howlong is an attractive riverside AUSTRALIAN town on the New South Wales-Victorian border, situated 597 km South West of Sydney via the Hume and Riverina highways, and 298 km from Melbourne, as can be seen from the Google map below. The current population of Howlong is 2500.

The name 'Howlong' is derved from the Aboriginal native language, 'Oolong, meaning a haunt of native companions, and these were the Brolga birds, who still return to nest in Howlong today.

In 1836 Major Mitchell, the surveyor-general of NSW crossed the Murray river at this location on the return to Sydney from his Australia Felix expedition. There is a monument to him on the Victorian side of the river.

In 1837 John and Joseph Hawdon established the formation of the Howlong Station estimated to be 64,000 acres.

In 1838 Joseph Hawdon set off from Howlong on the first Overland Cattle Drive to Adelaide, with 340 head of cattle.

The same river crossing used by Hawdon was used in 1838 for the first overland mail delivery., using horse and saddlebags from Port Phillip (Melbourne) to Yass, thence to Sydney via stage coach.

This river crossing is now crossed by modern bridges.

The town was surveyed in 1854 and town blocks went on sale in 1856.

The historical Howlong Post Office is now termed the Old Post Office.

The old St. Brigid's Church was the scene of an early historical event in 1873 when the famous 100 mile horse race took place between two horses for a bet of 50 pounds. When this came to the attention of the Animal Liberationalists in Sydney they sent a magistrate down to investigate the matter. He dismissed the case whenthe Howlong policeman informed him that the owner of one of the horses, after the race, jumped on it's back and rode it 30 miles home to his property without any apparent harm to his horse.

Howlong has a number of historic buildings that may be visited on the Howlong Historic Circuit:

  • The Howlong Hotel: 1857
  • The Court House Hotel: 1879
  • The Punt Hotel: 1857
  • St. Thomas Anglican Church: 1865
  • St. Andrews Presbyterina Church: 1899
  • St. Brigid's Catholic Church, originally in Hammer Street, was dedicated in 1877, and the Convent and School were in Hovell Street
  • The Howlong Public School: 1861
  • The Australasian Bank: 1881 (Now the Howlong Resource Centre)
  • The Mechanics Institute: 1887
  • The Post Office: 1898
  • The Flour Mill and cottage: 1865

Information and the Brochure for the Howlong Historic Walk Circuit is available at the Howlong Resource Centre located at the corner of Hawkins and Hovell Streets.


  • Lowe's Square Sporting Complex catering for Football; Netball; Cricket; Tennis; Little Athletics; Swimming Pool; Dog Walk and Pony Club.
  • The Returned Services Memorial. BBQ Facilities and Public Toilets are located in the park.
  • Lions and Memorial Parks are located beside the river and have toilets, boat ramp and children's playground facilities.
  • Pioneer Park is a tribute to our Pioneers.

Howlong has a thriving Golf Course, the Howlong Golf Course. The original course was located in Lowe's Square and set out in 1928. In 1960 negotiations took place and the golf club location shifted to the old Howlong racecourse. The club has an 18 hole golf circuit and two immaculate bowling greens along with full club facilities.

Howlong is an ideal riverside location to move to, play your favourite sport or engage in walking, bird watching,horse riding,boating or photography, and has no traffic lights.

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