[NOTE: Description report terminology circa the year of the race slightly modified.]

A race of a novel character was carried off on the Howlong racecourse on Tuesday.

It arose out of a dispute between brothers Jack and Tom Everitt, concerning the stamina of two horses, Viking and John Sullivan.

Mr. John Everett's brown gelding, Viking, was matohed to run 8 stone up, a race of 100 miles, against Mr. Edward Brown's chest-nut horse, Jack Sullivan, carrying the same weight.

The men and horses started at 7 a.m, and the first twenty miles was done in one hour and twenty minutes.

At noon, sixty miles having been got over, a quarter of an hour was devoted to rest and feeding.

The race was then resumed, and after seven hours and forty-one minutes running, during which a distance of 88 miles was accomplished, Jaok Sullivan broke down, and soon after the stake of £50 was handed over to the owner of Viking.

Police proceedings followed on a charge of cruelty against both horse owners.

The case was tried at Howlong at the hotel and no cruelty was the verdict, based on evidence by the Police Constable at Howlong, in fact Viking, after his 92 mile marathon, his 15 stone owner mounted, jumped over a fence and headed home to Tarrawingee 30 miles away.